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Hotel – Consulting

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Our services in hotel – Consulting

Market value and realistic assessment of commercialization opportunities:

Determining accurate value of the hotel for sale using the most prevalent valuation approaches: income (direct capitalization), sales comparison, and room revenue multiplier. In the process we consider many "intangibles," such as barriers to entry, availability of hotel financing, economic conditions, and perceptions about the hotel for sale and market.

Redevelopment concepts and implementation:

Tour the hotel for sale to examine its physical condition, obsolescence concerns, amenities, competitive advantages, and location.
Analysis of existing and ongoing renovation by IDW ES 6 (standard protocol of the Institute of Chartered Accountants) and implementation support due the project.

Plausibility check / feasibility studies:

Review the competitive market and the potential for new room supply, often working with our network of appraisers, consultants, franchise sales representatives and operators.
By examining the economic plausibility, the sustainability of the location, market and Hotel analysis, Micro-macro location, the infrastructure, soft factors, competitive environment and many other factors cohere here.