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If you can't be everywhere, find to yourself partners which think and work the same as you.

Real Estate Fair in St. Petersburg and Moscow

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Our services at the real estate fair

Dominart Real Estate is since 2007 a member of the international real estate exhibition in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where mainly Russian-speaking visitors have the opportunity to become aquianted with our property on offer in Europe and especially in Germany. In addition, our employees hold seminars about the property market in German-speaking countries and the legal situation
of real estate purchase in the respective countries. To receive this prestigious position we have structured our company in order that all the necessary steps to buy property are covered with at least one competent consultant. Our agents will provide you with the appropiate real estate according to your wishes. Furthermore they are going to manage all the visits of the property, answear your questions at best and provide you all improtant information. If there are legal issues on your part, our legal department will be happy to take care of it, just as some of our staff to deal with questions about managing your property. We offer a well trained team with expert knowledge and experience in the real estate industry in general, business, law and the mastery of many languages​​, especially Russian and English. This expertise has been rewarded in the Homes Collection Magazine with a place among the top 200 companies with a focus on foreign investment.

Real estate fair in 2012

This year we are also participating in the international real estate exhibition in Moscow. Our focus areas at the seminars are:

1) Taxes and fees when buying overseas property in Germany.
2) Taxation in Germany
3) Mortgage lending in Germany
4 The investment opportunities in the real estate market in Germany
5) Characteristics of the German legislation on the acquisition of property

If you decide to choose us as your partner, it is going to be our chief goal to supply you with the best service on the part of our team. We offer competence, experience, expertise and a high level of discretion. Send us an E-Mail with an account of your ideal real estate or a description of a property on sale and we are going to take care of it as fast as possible.
We cordially invite you to our office in Berlin, which is located next to the metro station Adenauer Platz on the Kurfürstendamm, one of the nicest and most central streets of this town.
Free telephone advice:             +49 (0) 151 56 617 460      ,             +49 (0) 30 516 417 63